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Privacy and Free Speech Online
Course Number: 484-0-01 Gelman 2 Units
Privacy and free speech values frequently conflict. Protecting one individual's privacy often requires preventing another's speech. The Internet has created significant opportunity for users to express themselves in chatrooms, on the web, and through new social network applications. With this increased expression has come increased disclosures of personal information that may be saved, searched, and republished. Courts are currently grappling with the privacy- speech tension in cases where individuals as opposed to media institutions are the publishers of personal information about themselves and others and where people are publishing information on public networks but intended for limited groups of readers. This seminar will explore the tension between protecting privacy and free speech online, with specific emphasis on the legal rules and social norms around user initiated communications and social networking and other web 2.0 applications.
Special Instructions: Upon prior consent of the instructor, students will be eligible to receive Research (R) credit. Those requesting Research credit will be required to write a substantial research paper based on independent research. Students who received permission from the instructor to do a more substantial paper to receive R-credit should register for section 02 after the start of the term.
Meeting Times:
Th 16:15-18:15 230
Calendar: Quarter Calendar
Enrollment: Consent - Max Enrollment 15
Grading system: Honors-Pass
Elements used in grading: Response papers, class participation, and the final paper
Type of exam: None
Specific graduation requirements met: None
Special instructions, rules or deadlines: None

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